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New look

Slowly and with small steps this moment in my life have been approaching. Moment in which I could finally utilize my own, private corner :) Corner which is entirely mine and full of stuff which belongs to me (well physical server is not my property... but you cannot have everything.. don't You?). So here the page was created and I sadly have to admit that it is still not that what I'd like to see. However I contain that specific set of functionalities which can help me greatly in my struggle with programming, and developed software maintenance... so I decided despite of these nuances and downfalls to make it live! Still more for personal use than for presentation purposes... but well I believe that technology first goal should be usefulnesses.. yeah I'm neither a big Apple lover nor their "design first" approach ;]

So what lies ahead and what future will reveal? Well if thinking in aspect of this site - It would be mostly place for info about my projects and projects in which I participate. So sooner or later (probably later ;] ) it would be some kind of aggregate of my work, which currently is scattered across many pages and places.

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