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Runaurufu's Burst Miner

Runaurufu's Burst Miner is miner for BURST cryptocurrency, which in contrary to BTC or LTC is not based on calculations but on amount of storage - hence the name: Proof-Of-Capacity or in short PoC. How it works? Well at the beginning of your mining adventure you create plot files. It is computation expensive task, but when once done these plots can stay with your forever. These files contain keys which may be a current "problem" solution. You can use any key but your miner job is to find one resulting in shortest deadline as only the fastest can get reward. More about that project you can find at bitcointalk.org or on project forum burstforum.com
First version of miner was realeased some time ago. Since 6.12.2014 you can download download version (which now I can call stable ^_^). As for requirements: you need .NET Framework 4.0.

Project page with source code and issue tracker is hosted on bitbucket.org where you can also download compiled and ready to go version.

Currently miner support mining in pools and solo-mining is only in plans. RBM key features:

  • Mining many pools with single miner instance (shares information about searched block))
  • Allow setting multiple directories with plot files for each pool-miner
  • Allow limit send found hashes to these with deadline meeting requirements
  • Allow set maximum number of concurrent threads working in context of pool, directory or even a single file.
  • Parallel file searching by multiple threads with defining fragmentation level
  • Set time between consecutive server queries for currently searched block
  • Set maximum RAM memory used by single file searching thread

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