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Another month has just started

I made it! When January was about to end I managed to get that magical 20k downloads milestone beaten. It was done at 29th January so another important date to remember was just created. However before we start celebrations - let me make few announcements
-> Maybe you noticed, or maybe not - at right part of the page reddish, sweet, rounded rectangles have appeared - they are the categories (the links to them) which will be used to group entries posted to this page. In the nearest future I intend to add ATOM channels for each of them (and any future ones obviously) so subscription to only desired kind of content will be possible. Why? Well as I mentioned in my previous entries it is part of long-term unification plan for my Internet presence. Another step which will follow would be copying content from my other blogs (mostly from runaurufu.blogspot.com to this page and translating it into English.
-> Unfortunately some vicious viruses attacked my body and prevented me from completing "20k downloads" surprise. But do not fear as hopefully this weekend will be fruitful for creating this stuff :D
-> In nearest future I also intend to change my website hosting company as mildly saying it's performance to cost ratio annoys me greatly. I still didn't decided yet who will be my new server space and resources provider, but it will probably be resolved in upcoming days.
-> Idea of "TSO gamer corner" will be transfered here from lunarplay.blogspot.com so you can expect some analysis of economy and all that mathematical (boooring) stuff. I will try to make it somehow more vivid be adding adventures support with info-graphics and other materials which could help you in completing them... but it will take some time to make :x (And for me it will be great opportunity to test my gallery management system created for this page... so I have there my "hidden" interest in making it)

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