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Moving is completed

After a month since my last web post I can finally write these words: "Welcome on new server folks!" Altogether with new server I brought new version of this webpage (it's still lacking some features, but they are either not fully tested or simply not implemented at all... so it can take some time before they will see the almighty Internet).
What can I say about my new hosting provider? For now it works better (faster) then previous one and it's support stuff works quite fast, so in few words: I'm happy that I chose them :)
From other "breaking news" - near left side of page I added buttons for my Facebook fanpage and Twitter account. Hopefully you will like these buttons design :P Off course with these huge changes I couldn't resist to also add one of my favorite webpage gadgets - THE ADVERTISEMENTS!!! Yey.. for now there are only 2 strips - above and under main page content so I hope they won'y obstruct your browse experience and at the same time they will bring me small fortune :P (or to be more accurate - TINY one).

2013-03-23 16:55:38
2013-08-25 07:53:57

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