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Who am I? What I do? Why this page is here?

Well I could make up questions like these probably for entire day if no longer... but who would read them? And more important - who could answer them?.. Well probably just me - and this (beside of this great idea of self discovery) would be pointless at least.
I never was good at creating short, brief introductions so as you can probably see I did not became writer... however there are times when this deep desire to write emerge back to surface of my soul and than I write something what one could call "a poem". As you can see it is not too often so I do not attach myself too much to this kind of activity.

As I wrote I'm not a writer, a poet (not a professional one at least) or any other kind of modern "human art" guy. I appreciate art and music (but prefer classic one) off course, but it is not what I do (or can) - it is what I like :) So one could ask - what I do? Simply I do stuff I like and have heart to do that... so after that enigmatic prologue we at least come to conclusion: I am simply a programmer, a guy who write some text which in magic way is transformed to something useful - A program, web page or just a library for other people. My "educational path" currently ended in higher education level which I obtained at Cracow University of Technology where I was "degree awarded Magister inżynier" in applied computer science which is something like Master of Science in western part of the world. At spare time like many others I play PC games and (what is less ordinary) record my game play and post to YouTube (which I hate for their incomprehensible way they handle copyrights). At night I like to stare at the sky... well more at the stars at that beautiful dark night sky than sky itself. Well to be honest stars and the Moon which is my most favorite space body - what is probably no surprise for people who know me better :)

So I think this would answer that "who am I" and "what I do" part from the beginning. So what we have left is "Why this page is here?". In my first post (known here as article) I wrote that this place as my private corner one day would be aggregate of my work and I still think it should be it's primary and ultimate goal! Currently I scattered my creations across so many pages that I can hardly remember them all (that is not true but that sentence adds drama) and what is even worse - it makes harder for others to find all my creations. Not mentioning all that maintenance hell which I have to handle whenever I wish to change something in layout or add gadget/plug-in/whatever... yeah I am sometimes selfish and it is good! I believe every creator should be at least a little selfish in a way that he should make things which makes his life easier - and this page is making my life easier :)

Anyway I intend to bring here everything I created in the past and what I will create in the future, so if you want to be up-to-date with development of this project you can either subscribe to my article RSS (actually it is ATOM...) or "like me" on Facebook.

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