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Moon Info hits 7700 downloads!

Can you imagine that? Well as I'm writing these words there are even more (7748 for 7th January) downloads of Moon Info but I like that even numbers :D Besides that we slowly move to 20k total amount of all my apps downloaded on Windows Phone marketplace. So there will be great occasion to celebrate (hopefully counter will meet that 20k milestone in January :> ) and well maybe make something special for that occasion (I still regret missing that 10k milestone). Anyway! If you still haven't heard about Moon Info and you like small gadgets that tell you what is current phase of the Moon, when it rises or sets (these data also available for our Sun!) - and all this in relevance to your current location (or any other manually entered one) - than well just go to marketplace and download it! It's free so it literally doesn't cost you a penny to try :)

2013-01-09 20:34:56
2013-08-25 07:48:24

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