Runaurufu "If you don't hava a plan - do not follow plan of others" 2020-09-20 03:37:53 Runaurufu's Burst Miner 2015-03-01 20:00:00 2015-03-01 20:59:17 Runaurufu Runaurufu's Burst Miner is miner for BURST cryptocurrency, which in contrary to BTC or LTC is not based on calculations but on amount of storage - hence the name: Proof-Of-Capacity or in short PoC. How it works? Well at the beginning of your mining adventure you create plot files. It is computation expensive task, but when once done these plots can stay with your forever. These files contain keys which may be a current "problem" solution. You can use any key but your miner job is to find one resulting in shortest deadline as only the fastest can get reward. More about that project you can find at <a href=""></a> or on project forum <a href=""></a><br/>. <br/> First version of miner was realeased some time ago. Since 6.12.2014 you can download <a href="">download version</a> (which now I can call stable ^_^). As for requirements: you need <a href="">.NET Framework 4.0</a>.<br/> <br/> Project page with source code and issue tracker is hosted on <a href=""></a> where you can also download compiled and ready to go version.<br/> <br/> Currently miner support mining in pools and solo-mining is only in plans. RBM key features: <ul> <li>Mining many pools with single miner instance (shares information about searched block))</li> <li>Allow setting multiple directories with plot files for each pool-miner</li> <li>Allow limit send found hashes to these with deadline meeting requirements</li> <li>Allow set maximum number of concurrent threads working in context of pool, directory or even a single file.</li> <li>Parallel file searching by multiple threads with defining fragmentation level</li> <li>Set time between consecutive server queries for currently searched block</li> <li>Set maximum RAM memory used by single file searching thread</li> </ul> open_basedir restriction in effect 2014-02-11 19:16:41 2014-02-20 20:12:05 Runaurufu If you ever received error similar to this one: <pre class="codeConsole">Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/var/tmp/) is not within the allowed path(s): (/tmp:/home:/usr/local/ispmgr/distfiles) in /home/user/data/www/somefile.php on line Fatal error: session_start() [function.session-start]: Failed to initialize storage module: files (path: ) in /home/user/data/www/somefile.php on line</pre> then it is a sign that your hosting is making troubles where it shouldn't.<br/> Browsing web in hope for quick and easy solution most likely will lead you to many ways to solve it... but to do so you most likely would need full access to server configuration what is nearly impossible if you are using shared hosting service (like <a href=""></a>).<br/> Thankfully PHP gives programmer huge liberty in overcoming server limitations.<br/> <h2>Issue origin?</h2> The source of this issue in most cases is variable <a href=""><i>session.save_path</i></a> value set to directory which we (user interpreting PHP code) cannot access and/or modify. If this variable value is not set PHP will use default path - "/var/tmp/", which also may point to location which user cannot fully access (what is most common problem for shared hosting services).<br/> This directory is a place where state of all active sessions are stored, so code is unable to utilize sessions as long this location do not allow us to create and modify files. <h2>Simple solution</h2> Now when we know that problem lies in incorrect path used to save session files, all we need to do is: <ol><li>Create directory on server in which we will store session data.</li> <li>Execute in code before first call to <a href=""><i>session_start()</i></a> (or even at the very beginning of your PHP bootstrap just after first <i>&lt;?php</i>) following code: <pre class="codePHP">session_save_path($sessionDirectoryLocation);</pre> in order to use folder "sessions" in same directory where calling script is located you can call: <pre class="codePHP">session_save_path($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . 'sessions');</pre> <br/> An alternative is to execute function <a href=""><i>ini_set()</i></a>: <pre class="codePHP">ini_set('session.save_path', $sessionDirectoryLocation);</pre> which does exactly the same what <a href=""><i>session_save_path()</i></a> - it sets configuration variable <a href=""><i>session.save_path</i></a>.</li> VirtualBox and shared directory 2013-05-10 20:22:46 2014-10-12 17:10:49 Runaurufu Host: Windows (tested on XP, Vista, Win 7)<br /> Guest: Linux (tested on Ubuntu and OpenSuse)<br /> <br /> Many people have problems with access to shared directories using default Virtual Box options (and this article is direct effect of my problems with these features). Some people try to work this around by using pen-drives or other external devices to simply transfer data from guest to host (or other way) machine, but it is not only troublesome but also VERY inefficient. Thankfully there is <b>fstab</b> which can help us a lot with this issue.<br/> <br/> But first things first...<br/> <h2>IP Address</h2> The first and most important thing which we will need is IP address of machine with shared directory to which we want to connect. It is worth to point out that this directory does not have be located on virtualization host machine - it can be either other virtual machine or entirely different physical machine in that network.<br/> If we decide to connect with the same computer (physical machine) on which virtualization is launched that it good to know that by default host machine's IP is <b></b>. In other words in most cases you can use this address instead of <i>Virtual Box network card</i>.<br/> However if that default address by any reason will not work correctly with shared folders than you should use IP address of Virtual Box cr eated card. You can acquire it by starting <i>cmd</i> and running <b>"ipconfig"</b> and in it's results find network card containing <i>"VirtualBox"</i> in it's name... Or you can get it by clicking on VB menus<br/> <br/> <a href="" class="inlineImage" style="height:300px;"> <img class="imageTypePicture" src=""/></a><br/> Select "Plik"->"Global settings" <br/> <a href="" class="inlineImage" style="height:300px;"> <img class="imageTypePicture" src=""/></a><br/> Go to "Network" tab, select network adapter and click screwdriver icon <br/> <a href="" class="inlineImage" style="height:300px;"> <img class="imageTypePicture" src=""/></a><br/> Host IP address is located on highlighted box<br/> <h2>Share folder in Windows</h2> While setting shared folder properties you should remember to allow save and modification access of folder content for user whom you want use to establish connection. <h2>Linux magic</h2> After starting OS create new folder which will be used for mounting network resource.<br/> <code>mkdir /mnt/win</code><br/> Now open fstab file (/etc/fstab) <b>with root account</b> and add line:<br/> <code>// /mnt/win smbfs rw,umask=777,uid=<i><b>LinuxUser</b></i>,username=<b><i>WinUser</i></b>,password=<b><i>WinPassword</i></b>,auto 0 0</code><br/> General form:<br/> <code>//&#123;<i><b>computer IP</b></i>&#125;/&#123;<i><b>shared resource name</b></i>&#125; &#123;<b><i>path to directory used for mounting shared resource</i></b>&#125; &#123;<b><i>file system</i></b>&#125; rw,umask=777,uid=&#123;<b><i>Linux user name</i></b>&#125;,username=&#123;<b><i>Windows user name</i></b>&#125;,password=&#123;<b><i>Windows user password</i></b>&#125;,auto 0 0</code><br/> Be aware that Linux user used in this step will be owner of all files existing in this mounted directory<br/> <br /> If you do not have installed <i><b>smbfs</b></i> than you can replace it with <b><i>cifs</i></b> - however you also need to enter a little different entry into your fstab file:<br/> <code>// /mnt/win cifs file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777,uid=<i><b>LinuxUser</b></i>,username=<b><i>WinUser</i></b>,password=<b><i>WinPassword</i></b>,auto 0 0</code><br/> <br/> Remember to save changes in fstab file!<br/> <br /> <h2>Last step</h2> As a last step you need to mount resource via <b>mount</b>:<br/> <code>mount /mnt/win</code> At that point you either mounted successfully network resource or saw info about occurred error...<br /> <h2>Common issues</h2> <ul> <li>"mount: unknown filesystem type 'smbfs'<br /> Reason: Probably your system does not have installed <b><i>smbfs</i></b> :)<br /> Solution: Try use <b><i>cifs</i></b> instead of smbfs or install smbfs (<i>sudo apt-get install smbfs</i>)</li> </ul> Galleries, images, files 2013-05-04 11:54:30 2013-08-25 07:59:23 Runaurufu <a href="" class="inlineImage" style="height:300px;float:right;"> <img class="imageTypePicture" src=""/></a> These three things were keeping me awake for so many nights (actually I wish I could afford that privilege, but unfortunately real life don't let me) that now when they are ready I'm so happy that I want to share this great news with you. Oh almost forgot - now this little CMS have full support for embedded galleries and images - files were here since I moved to new server :)<br/><br/> I hope that you will like how they look and work because I tried to make them as little annoying as possible. Hmm maybe it was not best selection of words... My intend was to make them fit by themselves to surrounding so hopefully if I didn't mess something up this would be pretty good solution for any future usage.<br/><br/> Implementation covers both pictures and videos so it is pretty universal but I have some concerns regarding handling videos from external services (they cannot be customized as much I hoped) and inline galleries display (they still lacks flexibility when images within have different sizes) so we will see how it all will play along with all new goodies brought here by me™.<br/><br/> And here are some examples like this all looks for now: <a href="" title="Moon Info" class="inlineIcon"> <img src=""/> <span>Moon Info</span></a> Moving is completed 2013-03-23 16:55:38 2013-08-25 07:53:57 Runaurufu After a month since my last web post I can finally write these words: "Welcome on new server folks!" Altogether with new server I brought new version of this webpage (it's still lacking some features, but they are either not fully tested or simply not implemented at all... so it can take some time before they will see the almighty Internet).<br/> What can I say about my new hosting provider? For now it works better (faster) then previous one and it's support stuff works quite fast, so in few words: I'm happy that I chose them :)<br/> From other "breaking news" - near left side of page I added buttons for my <a href="">Facebook fanpage</a> and <a href="">Twitter account</a>. Hopefully you will like these buttons design :P Off course with these huge changes I couldn't resist to also add one of my favorite webpage gadgets - THE ADVERTISEMENTS!!! Yey.. for now there are only 2 strips - above and under main page content so I hope they won'y obstruct your browse experience and at the same time they will bring me small fortune :P (or to be more accurate - TINY one). static is all you need 2013-02-13 20:20:11 2013-08-25 07:52:35 Runaurufu Static is all I needed - or more accurately - all I lacked to freely upload my creations to the web. Obviously concept behind "static" term is much more than sub domain. It is entire logic enabling upload via webpage without FTP connection. It also reroute request so at the end script returns appropriate file or simply info that file was not found.<br/> For the starters without big bangs, fireworks and shouts of joy - just for testing purposes of this "new technology" I give you single link to <a href="">"Wonziu Sound Board" project prototype</a> which somehow started and suddenly stopped somewhere around May 2012. (But I still hope that I will manage to resurrect it with help of kind people) Another month has just started 2013-02-02 14:43:24 2013-08-25 07:51:36 Runaurufu I made it! When January was about to end I managed to get that magical 20k downloads milestone beaten. It was done at 29th January so another <i>important</i> date to remember was just created. However before we start celebrations - let me make few announcements<br/> -> Maybe you noticed, or maybe not - at right part of the page reddish, sweet, rounded rectangles have <i>appeared</i> - they are the categories (the links to them) which will be used to group entries posted to this page. In the nearest future I intend to add ATOM channels for each of them (and any future ones obviously) so subscription to only desired kind of content will be possible. Why? Well as I mentioned in my previous entries it is part of <i>long-term unification plan</i> for my Internet presence. Another step which will follow would be copying content from my other blogs (mostly from <a href=""></a> to this page and translating it into English.<br/> -> Unfortunately some vicious viruses attacked my body and prevented me from completing "20k downloads" surprise. But do not fear as hopefully this weekend will be fruitful for creating this <i>stuff</i> :D<br/> -> In nearest future I also intend to change my website hosting company as <i>mildly</i> saying it's performance to cost ratio annoys me greatly. I still didn't decided yet who will be my new server space and resources provider, but it will probably be resolved in upcoming days.<br/> -> Idea of "TSO gamer corner" will be transfered here from <a href=""></a> so you can expect some analysis of economy and all that mathematical (boooring) stuff. I will try to make it somehow more vivid be adding adventures support with info-graphics and other materials which could help you in completing them... but it will take some time to make :x (And for me it will be great opportunity to test my gallery management system created for this page... so I have there my "hidden" interest in making it) Changes, news and other stuff 2013-01-23 20:51:32 2013-08-25 07:50:07 Runaurufu Without unnecessary fireworks and shouts of joy I'm trying once again be current in this page development :) From latest innovations - I added automatic language selection for new visitors based on their browsers preferences :) So from now on when English-speaking person visits my website then he will see page in English... and when Polish-speaking person enters than Polish version will be displayed. Small thing but still makes me happy (and even doubles my happiness as I incorporated this functionality to my <a href="">framework</a>, so it will be easy to reuse in the future :> )<br/> <br/> From other news - more organizational - I came back to writing down my ideas about applications development in my miraculous <i>ticket tracker</i>. Where this change came from? Well... I don't have access here (in apartment) to my pin board and storage area for paper notes is also limited (not mentioning paper supplies) :] - so I moved to "internets". My general impression is that it did not help at all in boosting motivation to work, but well - it definitively helps in choosing what to do during these lonely winter evenings... Moon Info hits 7700 downloads! 2013-01-09 20:34:56 2013-08-25 07:48:24 Runaurufu Can you imagine that? Well as I'm writing these words there are even more (7748 for 7th January) downloads of <a href="">Moon Info</a> but I like that even numbers :D Besides that we slowly move to 20k total amount of all my apps downloaded on Windows Phone marketplace. So there will be great occasion to celebrate (hopefully counter will meet that 20k milestone in January :> ) and well maybe make something special for that occasion (I still regret missing that 10k milestone). Anyway! If you still haven't heard about Moon Info and you like small gadgets that tell you what is current phase of the Moon, when it rises or sets (these data also available for our Sun!) - and all this in relevance to your current location (or any other manually entered one) - than well just go to <a href="">marketplace and download it</a>! It's free so it literally doesn't cost you a penny to try :) About 2013-01-06 20:00:36 2013-08-25 07:40:53 Runaurufu Who am I? What I do? Why this page is here?<br/> <br/> Well I could make up questions like these probably for entire day if no longer... but who would read them? And more important - who could answer them?.. Well probably just me - and this (beside of this great idea of self discovery) would be pointless at least.<br/> I never was good at creating short, brief introductions so as you can probably see I did not became writer... <a href="">however there are times when this deep desire to write emerge back to surface of my soul and than I write something what one could call "a poem"</a>. As you can see it is not too often so I do not attach myself too much to this kind of activity.<br/><br/> As I wrote I'm not a writer, a poet (not a professional one at least) or any other kind of modern "human art" guy. I appreciate art and music (but prefer classic one) off course, but it is not what I do (or can) - it is what I like :) So one could ask - what I do? Simply I do stuff I like and have heart to do that... so after that enigmatic prologue we at least come to conclusion: I am simply a programmer, a guy who write some text which in magic way is transformed to something useful - A program, web page or just a library for other people. My "educational path" currently ended in higher education level which I obtained at Cracow University of Technology where I was <a href="">"degree awarded Magister inżynier" in applied computer science which is something like Master of Science in western part of the world</a>. At spare time like many others I play PC games and (what is less ordinary) <a href="">record my game play and post to YouTube</a> (which I hate for their incomprehensible way they handle copyrights). At night I like to stare at the sky... well more at the stars at that beautiful dark night sky than sky itself. Well to be honest stars and the Moon which is my most favorite space body - what is probably no surprise for people who know me better :)<br/><br/> So I think this would answer that "who am I" and "what I do" part from the beginning. So what we have left is "Why this page is here?". In my first post (known here as article) I wrote that this place as my private corner one day would be <i>aggregate of my work</i> and I still think it should be it's primary and ultimate goal! Currently I scattered my creations across so many pages that I can hardly remember them all (that is not true but that sentence adds drama) and what is even worse - it makes harder for others to find all my creations. Not mentioning all that maintenance hell which I have to handle whenever I wish to change something in layout or add gadget/plug-in/whatever... yeah I am sometimes selfish and it is good! I believe every creator should be at least a little selfish in a way that he should make things which makes his life easier - and this page is making my life easier :)<br/><br/> Anyway I intend to bring here everything I created in the past and what I will create in the future, so if you want to be up-to-date with development of this project you can either subscribe to my <a href="">article RSS (actually it is ATOM...)</a> or <a href="">"like me" on Facebook</a>. Atom is here 2012-11-07 08:03:40 2013-08-25 07:39:48 Runaurufu And not one but three!<br/> To be more specific - 3 syndication channels were created which provide access to: <ul><li><a href="" target="_blank">articles</a></li> <li><a href="" target="_blank">reported issues</a></li> <li><a href="" target="_blank">comments</a></li> </ul> They still are not embedded into the site so one need to manually subscribe using these links, but in general they are working and provide language specific content feed. Gimme more ads! 2012-11-05 07:28:51 2013-08-25 07:33:57 Runaurufu Obviously these displayed and tapped (or clicked) :] This is my small desire and wish which reason is quite prosy - for several days I'm somehow able to maintain 0.20PLN+ daily income on <a target="_blank" href="">Microsoft Advertising pubCenter</a>. Sure it is not some big and staggering amount, but still it is quite nice light in a long, long, long tunnel leading me to fortune ^.^<br/> So.. as You step here hopefully equipped with phone with Windows Phone - I would like to invite you to visit, download and use my apps which are available here: <a target="_blank" href="">(link)</a>. You can also just tap "Runaurufu" in market search box and enjoy results.<br/> I sincerely hope that these apps will be somehow useful to You and in contrary to majority of 14 thousand downloaders - You will leave some comment :) New look 2012-10-10 17:14:10 2013-08-25 07:32:13 Runaurufu Slowly and with small steps this moment in my life have been approaching. Moment in which I could finally utilize my own, private corner :) Corner which is entirely mine and full of stuff which belongs to me (well physical server is not my property... but you cannot have everything.. don't You?). So here the page was created and I sadly have to admit that it is still not that what I'd like to see. However I contain that specific set of functionalities which can help me greatly in my struggle with programming, and developed software maintenance... so I decided despite of these nuances and downfalls to make it live! Still more for personal use than for presentation purposes... but well I believe that technology first goal should be usefulnesses.. yeah I'm neither a <i>big Apple lover</i> nor their "design first" approach ;]<br/> <br/> So what lies ahead and what future will reveal? Well if thinking in aspect of this site - It would be mostly place for info about my projects and projects in which I participate. So sooner or later (probably later ;] ) it would be some kind of aggregate of my work, which currently is scattered across many pages and places.