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Galleries, images, files

These three things were keeping me awake for so many nights (actually I wish I could afford that privilege, but unfortunately real life don't let me) that now when they are ready I'm so happy that I want to share this great news with you. Oh almost forgot - now this little CMS have full support for embedded galleries and images - files were here since I moved to new server :)

I hope that you will like how they look and work because I tried to make them as little annoying as possible. Hmm maybe it was not best selection of words... My intend was to make them fit by themselves to surrounding so hopefully if I didn't mess something up this would be pretty good solution for any future usage.

Implementation covers both pictures and videos so it is pretty universal but I have some concerns regarding handling videos from external services (they cannot be customized as much I hoped) and inline galleries display (they still lacks flexibility when images within have different sizes) so we will see how it all will play along with all new goodies brought here by me™.

And here are some examples like this all looks for now: Moon Info
Author: Runaurufu
Publish date: 2013-05-04 11:54:30 Last edit date: 2013-08-25 07:59:23

Changes, news and other stuff

Without unnecessary fireworks and shouts of joy I'm trying once again be current in this page development :) From latest innovations - I added automatic language selection for new visitors based on their browsers preferences :) So from now on when English-speaking person visits my website then he will see page in English... and when Polish-speaking person enters than Polish version will be displayed. Small thing but still makes me happy (and even doubles my happiness as I incorporated this functionality to my framework, so it will be easy to reuse in the future :> )

From other news - more organizational - I came back to writing down my ideas about applications development in my miraculous ticket tracker. Where this change came from? Well... I don't have access here (in apartment) to my pin board and storage area for paper notes is also limited (not mentioning paper supplies) :] - so I moved to "internets". My general impression is that it did not help at all in boosting motivation to work, but well - it definitively helps in choosing what to do during these lonely winter evenings...
Author: Runaurufu
Publish date: 2013-01-23 20:51:32 Last edit date: 2013-08-25 07:50:07